"I just wanted to thank you again for bringing up “healing is for all” when we were at ”......”. 

I’m not sure if you realize how different my husband's and my life is because of you making that comment. We still think about teachings from your Bible study. We can pray in tongues because you showed us it’s a gift for all. I’ve been doing it more often since January and seeing and feeling SUCH results and benefits. I remember Jim saying he did a test: spoke in no tongues one week then lots the next and the week he did it, LOTS of good things happened. So I decided to do the same and so much good had come from doing so. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me parts of the Bible I hadn’t been taught before. My life, marriage, body, future kids, our families and so much more and better off now because you exposed us to what the Bible says, the authority we have, the covenant rights we have like healing. We’ve been teaching my husband’s parents and friends what you taught us and it’s so exciting to spread the hope! Blessings on your ministry!! You and Jim are a blessing to SO many!!! Lives are transformed because of you guys ❤️❤️❤️ N. W. Saskatoon,SK


“A testimony from altar call that weekend (at Saddle Lake,AB). I went to my liver Dr.last week and I'm fully healed from cirhosis,i remember standing at the altar for prayer for my lungs and liver , Im healed by the precious blood of Jesus, Dr.said i will never have cirhosis again , Praise God all glory and Honor to King Jesus 💕 thank you to all for healing prayers" 

M. S. , Saddle Lake, AB